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Our youth continue to participate in several activities here in our local congregation, with area congregations, and in other areas. These offer opportunities for them to learn and grow in fellowship with each other and in Christ. We participated in the Stark County Youth Meeting in Canton, Ohio in March. This was the 41st year for that particular youth rally that is well attended by dozens of congregations from four states. This year we also participated in the Spring Teen Retreat at Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp. This retreat was well managed by Brad Poe of Rome Church of Christ in Proctorville, Ohio, and Todd Parsley of 10th and Vine Church of Christ in Ironton, Ohio.

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Our participation in Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp has continued to grow over the past few years. Our youth participated in two weeks of camp this summer with 12 to 15 participating in two different camp weeks. Several participated in the week of June 23rd managed by Greg Tidwell of the Fishinger and Kenny Church of Christ in Columbus, Ohio. Fifteen of our youth, along with Scott Spencer and I as cabin counselors and class teachers, participated in the week of July 20th that was managed by Bill Hopkins of Clifton Church of Christ in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The camp season has now ended, but you can certainly start planning for next year. There are seven camp weeks at Fort Hill for youth ages seven to eighteen. Four of the weeks are for all ages, and three weeks are more age-specific (Ages 14-18, Ages 7-10, and Ages 10-18). The church will help to defray part of the cost and also sponsor youth who can benefit from the camp experience but cannot afford the registration fee. I?m sure there?s a great camp experience waiting for you either as camper or staff member.

We continue to look forward to the annual Teen and Family Canoe trip planned for August 9th. We?re also planning to participate in the Youth Rally at Alkire Road Church of Christ in November, and we?ll soon be planning for our own youth rally in December.

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