Evangelism Programs

Personal Evangelism

Trained Bible teachers from Central Avenue can assist you with studying the Bible in your home. From VCR tapes and charts to Bible-centered film strips, we have aids that will help you in making the Bible clear and easy to understand.

Correspondence Courses

We offer free Bible correspondence courses which may be completed in the privacy of your home.

Vacation Bible School

We hold an annual four day VBS each summer. All ages including adults have special classes.

Summer 2007 Vacation Bible School will be held August 1-4. The theme for VBS this year is “Neighbors For Jesus”. Times for this session are 7PM-9PM Wednesday through Friday here at the building, and Saturday morning at the pavilion. VBS MAIL OUT CARDS are on the foyer table. Please take as many as you want to send to friends, family and neighbors, there are plenty and we can get more. Your efforts will make this VBS a success.

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