A leader is defined as someone who uses his or her credibility and capabilities to influence people to pursue their God-given directions. The New Testament uses three different Greek words for an elder or shepherd. The Greek words and their translations in different versions of the Bible are (1) presbuteros = elder or presbyter, (2) episkopos = bishop or overseer, and (3) poimen = shepherd or pastor.


Oversight of the congregation shall rest with the Eldership and they shall supervise its functions and activities.

Keith Allen

Archie Caudil

Lloyd Cooke

Don Pugh



As servants of the Church, the Deacons shall administer such functions as are entrusted to them under the supervision of the Elders.

The preacher shall be a proclaimer of the Word of God by speaking, counseling, teaching, or in any other way of ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Michael Hazlett
Karl Kuwik
David Martin
Roger Pusey
Vince Schmidt
Scott Spencer
Mike Wagner
Jeff Walton
Mike Wilson

Scott Spencer

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